Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday - no drama

Not much to say really - I slept through most of the day.

Even super-sprogs need to sleep
I had a brief cuddle with Mum after tea. She seemed a bit out of sorts, but every now and then the whole "am I sick or not" thing seems to catch up with her.

Note the teeny thumbs up.
I do my best to keep her calm by being gorgeous! I managed not to brady (much) but dropped my sats a few times. [For my parents non-medical friends - that means heart = good, breathing = no better]
I gained 2 whole grams overnight so I now weigh 1.3kgs and I'm now 37cm from end to end - so I'm turning into a grown-up as fast as I can(!)

Plenty of room for growth!
Dad gently reminds me I wasn't even due for another 8 weeks - so I need to relax and grow.

Just chillin'
Love to all,
Arthur x

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