Friday, 18 February 2011

I am nearly 4 (weeks old)!

Hello ezzie body,

I'll be 4 weeks old tomorrow, which is a milestone in anyone's book, and a big one for me.

Little cuddle with Mum

If you look back through this blog you'll see just how far I've come in what is the longest 4 weeks of my life - and certainly feels like the longest four weeks of my parents lives! I started this blog (with my Uncle's help) to keep friends and family up to date without Mum and Dad having to repeat news umpteen times. And it seems that you like it. I've been checked up on over 20,000 times in over 20 countries. It's quite a lot to live up to for one so small. Some days the news is exciting, sometimes sad and sometimes nothing happens at all - except I keep quiet and grow a bit. But that's the way it is when you're ever so teeny.

26 weeks and 3 days since M&D got over excited (they've promised to explain this to me later) and after one of the world's shortest labours, I popped out looking like a skinned guinea pig. And now it's over three weeks since my big head bleed, and M&D sat through a difficult conversation ("we may need you to make difficult decisions about whether his quality of life is good enough") in the room all the parents call the "room of doom". I'm still waiting to find out what this will actually mean long-term. So I'll just have to put up with M&D staring at me to see what wriggles and what doesn't, and then checking when I smile and suckle and so on.

Granny W came to see me today and brought me a lovely new cover to look at.

Granny, Mummy and me!

To remind me that Mum comes from the Peak District!
Oh, and I've put on 50 grams in the last 2 days - and I'm getting more active when I'm awake.

Lots of love
Arthur x

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  1. Keep wriggling, Arthur! Way to go!

    You know they do swimming costumes in your size?? Heard that at the Babyshow today!

    Alicja (a little ahead @ 5 weeks 2 days)XXX