Monday, 14 February 2011

Arthur 'Bridget' Eccles' Diary

Monday 14th Feb 2011

Age: 29weeks and 5days or 3weeks and 2days depending on who's asking
Weight: 1.04kg (gained:  0.002kg)
Ventilatory requirements: Nasal cannulae NOT CPAP!!!
Songs sung:  10 green bottles, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Clothing:  Slightly baggy body suit
Postcode:  SW10

A big, if not HUGE, day for me.  I know it’s Valentine’s day, but this way more impressive than the chocolates and fizz mum got for dad, or the beautiful photo album dad got mum….

After my false start on nasal cannulae over the weekend, the nurses and doctors persevered and tried me again this morning and as I get mum to type (17:30), I have been on nasal ventilation since 09:00 AND I’ve had a cuddle with mum without going blue and without making my mum’s blood pressure go up too much.  Yippee!

I’m hatless and I’ve gained a little body suit!  Mum saw me this morning after her revision session in the Radiology department and went shopping.  She got me some little hats and mittens along with another body suit suitable for ‘early baby up to 5lb (2.3kg)’.  I guess I’ll grow into it.  

You lookin' at me?

The doctors are so pleased with my progress that they’re trying to get rid of me but there’s no bed at St. Thomas’s at the moment so I get to stay in my West London penthouse with views over the rooflines of Chelsea.  Mum says I might get a river view if I go to SE1 so I’m sure I’ll cope with the transfer.  I do like the nurses and doctors here though and M+D have got to know and trust them too which is important to them. 

The Cardiologists didn’t come round today so we still don’t know if the ibuprofen worked on my PDA but given my breathing is so good and I’m feeding OK, they’d probably leave it alone anyway.  Phew.

Little clothes for a little person

M+D’s kitchen is being fitted today so it’ll be ready for my arrival.  A few issues with sinks and fitting it all in but dad, mum and the builder all had words with the company and it all got sorted.  It sounds like Dad is very good at sorting things.

Thank you for even more blankets and cuddly toys!  It won’t be long before I can have them with me, especially the ones that are smaller than me!  And Mum wanted me to thank Bob and Jackie for the flowers.  They brighten up their front room a treat. 

Bye for now,
Arthur xxx

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