Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Not good.

That Neonatal ICU code for Bradycardia (slow heart rate) level 3 - requiring vigorous stimulation, Cyanosis (where the baby goes blue) and Desaturation (where the oxygen levels drop) level3 - requiring vigorous stimulation.

Arthur had a run of B3CD3 lasting about 10mins in all. He became floppy and unresponsive to any stimulation. The nurses were excellent and doctors arrived after what felt like an eternity - but was probably no longer than 20 mins. He is a bit better now and looking pink and cross again but both Amy and I feel that he's not right. Hard to tell what is parental intuition and what is medical paranoia.

He's getting a septic screen and a chest x-ray as they suspect an infection.

As I type he is having a cannula placed, a drip in a vein. He has had daily blood tests and over a dozen cannulae so his veins are mostly clotted and useless. This makes putting in new cannulae very difficult, both to do and to watch.

He was due to be transfered to St Thomas' at 2.30 this afternoon but this got cancelled with 40mins notice. Entirely understandable but left Amy's nerves in a bit of a mess. He is now scheduled to be transfered first thing tomorrow. But that was before he had this episode.

Well he'd had many steps forward in the last few days so was probably overdue a setback. Still, not fun when it happens.

Amy's come back saying he's looking a bit brighter - and cross about his antibiotics going in which is a good sign. Though his breathing pattern is laboured. Hopefully, if this is sepsis then we've caught it early. And the transfer's off for the time being.

I do hope his nerves are holding up better than his parents!

Best wishes to all, Simon (and Amy and teeny Arthur)

10.15pm update
We've just been back in to see him, and he's doing much better. He's been put on 'vapotherm' a breathing aid which works like mild-CPAP whilst being very easy for him and looking like regular nasal-cannulae. This seems to be giving him the support he needs.

We're now home for much needed sleep. Thank you for your good wishes.
S, A & A


  1. aagrrh so scarry chin up M+D

  2. Oh Si. Thinking of you all. Poor little codger. all our love. TnJ xxx