Wednesday, 9 February 2011

One o'clock and all's well

Just a mini-up date (well I'm only a little man)
On HDU and stable - good.
Oxygen requirements are low - good.
CPAP pressure requirements are low - good.
Tolerating increasing feeds - good.
My tummy is soft - no signs of infection - good.
Still have my PDA but due for my third dose of Ibuprofen to try and close it. Worst case is I will require a small op to close it.
No neurological change (haven't I learnt some long words) - all good but too early to be reassuring.

Still wriggling and fighting like mad when Dad changed my nappy and managed to pee 3" straight up in the air when he turned his back for a second!

We may try for some cute photos later if I can distract Daddy from his DH paperwork (shouldn't be too hard!)

Love Arthur x

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