Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"I want to break free..."

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I now have a new address.  I’ve been moved to the High Dependency Unit at Chelsea.  This is a big deal even though it’s only just down the corridor as it means I don’t need such close monitoring.  HDU is much quieter and there are less ‘inmates’.  There are about 2 babies for each nurse so I still can’t away with much without someone noticing.  Mum was quite worried about the move in case something happened during the long trip of about 4 metres but I’ve settled in nicely and have a good view out of the window with no builders outside so Mum can express her milk next to me without flashing them!

My Radley inspired incubator cover is now on.  It’s got my initials on it and lots of scottie dogs.  I haven’t counted them yet as I haven’t learnt how to do that but it’s very colourful and stylish.

Dad came this afternoon for the big move and took more photos.  Sometimes I wish he’d give it a rest and I put on a really cross face but that just seems to encourage him.  Humph!

Just a bit tetchy

But my lovely Mum and nurses got me all settled down again.

It's much quieter here. I hope I keep well enough to stay. One of my little friends hasn't been so lucky so the mood has been very sombre here. One day at a time, just one day at a time.

Love Arthur  x

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