Thursday, 3 February 2011

Breathing for myself!

They've taken my tube out. I got so excited I got super-wriggly and they had to cover me up and tell everyone to go away so I could calm down a bit.
I'm better now. I can't seem to decide how much oxygen I need. One setting is too much, the other too little. The nurses reckon I'm just making sure they can't ignore me!

Tube free!
Dad left his conference early to come and see me because the tube-thing was big news, apparently. I think he and Mum are getting quite tired  - Dad almost fell asleep whilst leaning against my box - I could see his eyes close - but I kept holding his finger so he didn't go away.

Then Mum was there to hold my hand -
But I still got fairly cross -

Though Mum managed to calm me down -

Happy little man.
I'm still losing weight which is worrying but my consultant has said I'll come off my TPN feeding trial and just get fattened up if I don't start taking Mum's milk properly.

Still - Another day goes by and nothing new has gone wrong. Let's hope it stays that way.
Love Arthur xx

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