Thursday, 10 February 2011

Ain't misbehaving...much...

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I’m still on HDU and still being a bit naughty and unsettled.  My poor nurse has been backwards and forwards to my incubator as I cannot decide which oxygen level I want.  Mum thought it was her fault as I started playing up when she got to the ward this morning but my nurse thinks it is more likely to be related to a full nappy as I am being very productive at the moment.  I’m now on nappy changes every 4 hours not 6.  I’ve also learnt a new trick to lower my heart rate which sets off another set of alarms.  This seems to get Mum quite stressed so I’ll try hard not to do it too often. 

I’m currently having a small blood transfusion as my haemoglobin is a bit low and because I’m on CPAP, the hospital’s protocol says I need it so I can’t come out for cuddle because I need to stay nice and still.  Mum is a bit disappointed but she’s been talking to me so I know she’s there.  Otherwise my blood tests are ok and the ibuprofen hasn’t affected my kidneys which is good.

I’ve finished my ibuprofen and will have another heart scan next Monday to see if it’s worked.  The registrar could still hear a murmur when he listened to my heart this morning so I may still need this tiny operation but we’ll see after the weekend.  The registrar also did another head scan whilst Mum was there.  The blood on the left side has almost completely gone and the blood on the right is ‘organising’ and getting darker.  No evidence of periventricular leukomalacia (PVL).  This is cystic change within the brain itself that can cause disabilities.  Lots more scans to come over the next few weeks,  months if not years, to give the doctors an idea of structural appearances and as I get older they’ll have an idea of functional activities.

Mum went shopping for me today to get special clothes.  She said she had to get me ‘petit petit nouveau’ which can fit babies weighing up to 2.5kg or 5 pounds.  I currently weigh 1kg (1.024kg to be precise) so I’ve got room to grow into them.  Dad says that I’m getting more and more like him: first I get daily caffeine and now I’m getting special clothes and blankets made just for me. 

Nothing more to report as yet so will sign off for now.


Arthur xxx

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