Saturday, 19 February 2011

Best day ever!

At the risk of hyperbole (Dad keeps teaching me these words); I've had a simply fantastic day.

I'm coping fine with my special breathing help. They tried reducing the support a bit but I didn't like it - so they've put it back. I'm tolerating my food better and Mummy's making far more milk now. And, as you know, I'm gaining weight. All good.

Grandpa P, Mum and me!
And today I was visited by Grandpa P and Nanna I. And I decided to show off a new trick - I'd been saving it up and since it is my 4 week birthday, this seemed like a good time:

I can suck. Now I realise that may not sound like a big deal to some of you especially the ones who always try to get the very last drop of milkshake into the straw, until your mummy takes the whole drink away. And to be honest I'm not really very good at it...

I can smell lunch...
BUT - if you are only 30 weeks old, this is a really big deal. I'm not meant to manage this until I'm fully cooked - say 34 or 36 weeks old. Precocious or what?
What happened is that my nurse (Mia today) noticed I was trying to suck and kept sticking my tongue out - so Dad tried me with a super teeny dummy - and I gave it a good slurping. It didn't taste very nice though. 

And I spent two hours out with Dad and then Mum and they did all the usual things of holding me up and making faces at me. And I looked super-cute. I even managed a little smile but they said this was probably wind. One milestone is probably enough! Anyway I'm not exactly drinking from the bottle/boob just yet, one day at a time...

Love to all,
Arthur x

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  1. Great news for a 4 week birthday! Thanks Arthur for sharing all your tiny 'steps' - we know you can't walk yet - and keeping us up to date with your eventful days. We send special love to you and to your very special M&D. Phil & Sandra