Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Multi-tasking mummy

A quick update for the morning viewers...

Mum is multi-tasking and keeping the blog updated, having breakfast and making mine all at the same time.  Very clever, although I can wriggle, look cute AND fill a nappy all in one go too so there!

My Consultant was also very clever and managed to get my long line in last night so my tummy lines have been removed. Yippee!  It does mean my legs are a bit sore - I now have the long line in my left leg and peripheral lines in my right leg and arm but no more needles for now!

I was thinking very positive thoughts last night and now my white cell count and CRP are a bit lower and my oxygen requirement is down to 23%.  I can't quite manage on room air yet but almost.  More caffeine today which has made my arms and legs really wriggly.  Mum finds this quite alarming but my nurse was very good and reassured her.  Well done to the lovely nurses, my mum is not easily pacified right now. I'm also trying really hard to keep my milk down so they are going to start feeding me again.  This will be good as I was weighed last night and I've lost 95g.  This is probably a combination of not eating and not having the extra weight of the UVC and UAC. 

Dad is at his hospital today.  New doctors are starting and so he has to welcome them.  He took the close up black and white photo of me into work.  I get the feeling he is quite proud of me and how well I'm doing.

The most exciting thing is that I am 28 weeks old today.  They do very confusing age calculations here. I am 28 weeks old according to my gestation and 11 days old from birth.  The older I get, the better and stronger I'll become hopefully so every 24hours counts.

No pictures I'm afraid but I'll try to help mum get that sorted for the afternoon.


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