Friday, 11 February 2011

TGI Friday!

What a yummy day – long cuddles with Mummy and I managed to settle; over 2½ hours in total.
And I learnt all the words to the Teddy bears picnic. Mummy tells me it’s the clean version, whatever that means.
And I’m learning to suck – and trying it out on my fingers.
And I’m doing so well on my feeds I’m up to 7 mls an hour which is the most they can give me.
And so they say they’ll be able to stop my TPN (food via the veins).
And that means they can take out my long line – the big venous drip running all the way from my foot to my heart. How far is it from your feet to your heart? It’s 22cm in my case.
And that will make me very happy.

Me, happy!
I’m definitely learning where different bits of me are – so I’ll try and biff you if you tickle me on my tummy. Daddy thinks this is very funny and so tickles me. I have to grab his finger and squeeze with all my might. That seems to stop him.

Is this the cutest elbow ever?
I don’t think I’ve shown you a proper picture of my new cover so here it is:

Thank you, Elena

Following yesterday’s scan, Daddy had a long chat with a friend who’s another neonatologist – he confirmed that all possibilities are still on the table, and yes I’m likely to be a little lop-sided. My being able to wriggle my arms and legs so well doesn’t make this less likely – it’s too early to know. But it does mean my brain is bright enough to send good messages to my limbs. You’ll have to cross your fingers for me, as I haven’t got the hang of it yet.
Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I’ll be THREE weeks old. And I now weigh 1.042kgs so I’m almost a grown up. Mummy bought me a pressie to celebrate:

Apparently I'll grow into it.
Have a good weekend everybody,
Love Arthur x

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