Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ooops but not in a bad way!

No one spotted my deliberate mistake…

I’m actually a mere 31 weeks and 1 day old not 32 weeks.  Mum is trying to make me old before my time.

Another good day where I gained another 42g making my current weight a magnificent 1.29kg (2lbs 14oz).  I had my Vapotherm adjusted to help my breathing and my oxygen requirement has gone down and I’m more settled.  Another long cuddle with mum and the most enormous stinky poo that mum had to clean up.  The nurses say it’s because I’m on formula.  Mum thinks this is another reason to make as much milk as she can.  Poo-eee!

Tried a bit of sucking again today and found my thumb.  Not as tasty as milk but quite comforting.  I’ve had a bit of a wiggle and look around too.  I also managed to sneakily remove my nasal cannulae which proved I still need oxygen  as my sats went right down for a few seconds before Mum realized what the problem was.  Sorry Mum.

All in all a good day.


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  1. Not had a chance to check up on you Arthur for a week or so, but glad to see you're progressing well. X