Saturday, 5 February 2011

I'm two!! (weeks old, that is)

Well hello all, I managed to turn two weeks old without incident.

Another day on the unit

Still on CPAP and tolerating more and more feed. Parts of me remain gorgeous.

Teeny tootsies
And parts of me are still very wrinkly:

Old man's thighs!
I was getting bored in my little box - and kind of fidgity:

Just a little bit wriggly.
So I had a look around:

And others looked at me:

"Take me to your leader"
And they decided I could come out and spend some with Daddy.

And he gave me a very long cuddle. They call it 'kangaroo care' - Dad pretends he has a pouch and I pretend to be a Joey.

The skin to skin contact helps me stay very calm, and I need less oxygen while I'm cuddled. So I lay there and looked even cuter than usual - no really.


Which seemed to make my Dad very happy.

Apologies for the naked flesh - apparently it's good for me.
So on we go - no news remains good news.
Arthur x

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