Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Errrrgh! Frustrations, frustrations....

I promise I'm trying to grow
Well I've had a thoroughly frustrating afternoon. Nothing too dramatic but:

After lunch Mum wanted to give me a hug but I simply couldn't get comfortable - wriggling and dropping my saturations. They want me to run between 84% and 93%. Too little and too much are both bad for me. Well while I was resting on Mum I stayed at about 74% and dropped down to below 60% quite often. The nurses had to keep adjusting my oxygen levels. Poor mum got more and more anxious - I picked up on this and got more tetchy. Horrid for everyone.

Dad managed to get me settled but had to cheat and turn the oygen reading round to him so the tension levels could drop all round. We both fell asleep for a little! But then it all went wrong again. Dad got so frustrated he had to leave - really not like him.

I'm beginning to look a bit like Winston Churchill but apparently this normal for babies!

And a big hello to my new friends from Mumsnet.

Love to all, Arthur x

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